Our Company

HTL CAPITAL MANAGEMENT is an asset management company specialized in systematic investment strategies since its creation in 2011, composed of experts in Data science, Quantitative research, Finance and Technology.

HTL Capital Management provides investment solutions purely based on new alternative data and non-structured data sources, through its diversified portfolio of uncorrelated investment strategies. Those new Big Data data sources are orthogonal and uncorrelated to traditional data sources. Analytics through AI of those new data sources applied to Investments provides an unique competitive edge. HTL Capital Management benefits from its central position within the AI ecosystem, including an exclusive partnership with a leading AI company specialized in macroeconomics and financial predictions.

HTL Capital Management is a systematic asset management company registered with the AMF ('Autorité des Marchés Financiers') under the number GP-140000.

Our Expertise:
HTL Capital Management's expertise is to extract Alpha from new data sources. Big Data is composed of highly diversified forms of data, including social networks data, satellite data, maritime traffic data and numerous other data sources. Those data are non-structured compared to traditional data such as market prices or economics reports. Therefore, analytics of those data are much more complex since it involves quantifying information within text or pictures compared to preformatted numbers such as market prices data. The expertise of HTL Capital Management is to extract alpha from these new data sources, in order to create a diversified portfolio of investment strategies. Besides, this portfolio is built up within a systematic risk management framework.