AlphaNow Long/Short Equity Fund EI

AlphaNow Long/Short Equity Fund relies on a portfolio of pure Alternative Data investment strategies that aims to achieve superior absolute returns within a global risk framework. These Alternative Data strategies are developed by a team of financial experts and data scientists associated to cutting edge technology environment. Each strategy has been developed internally and challenged independently by the risk management to assure robustness in most of market conditions, especially extreme market conditions. Each model has its own set of parameters which constantly depends on market conditions for risk purposes and investment opportunities. The investment universe is composed of the most liquid stocks of S&P500 index, sector ETFs and financial futures. The holding period of each position varies from a few days to a few months.


ISIN Code : LU1611271831
Inception date : 2017-09-25
Currency : USD
Valuation : 943.79 on 16/10/2019
Frequency Valuation : Daily
Structure : Luxembourg SICAV
UCITS IV compliant : Yes


Prospectus KIID Fund Factsheet